Confined Access Tree Removal In Hawthorn

A previous owner planted these 2 Populus deltoides (Eastern Cottonwood) between two apartment buildings approximately 20 years ago. This is a classic case of poor species selection, as the 2 trees had outgrown their position and were damaging nearby drainage. Their removal involved rope lowering techniques to prevent damage to buildings on either side.

Despite having attractive form and excellent Autumn colour Populus sp. (Poplar) are not a suitable tree species in most urban settings. Many species have highly invasive root systems, poor wood properties and can reach heights of more than 30m.

Formative Pruning of Street Trees

Over the past few weeks we have been conducting formative pruning and general maintenance of juvenile street trees in Doreen. This Eucalyptus scoparia was marked for removal due to excessive rootball movement, it exhibited typical signs of a tree grown in a hard walled pot with a girdling root system.  This type of root defect has long term implications on tree health and structural stability. In this case root girdling could have been prevented by using an air root pruning pot (Rocket Pot-bottom right image).