Tree Work Services


Tree Removal

Our arborists are experts in removing trees safely and efficiently regardless of its location. Our comprehensive approach to urban tree management and removals include:  

  • Strong emphasis placed on safety of people and property

  • Tree removal in confined spaces

  • Stump grinding/removal

  • Recommendation on replacement planting

  • Managed in accordance with OH&S requirements

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning is important to promote tree health, improve structural attributes and reduce the likelihood of trunk/branch failures.

Tree Response conducts all aspects of tree pruning including:

  • Formative pruning of semi mature trees to improve form and structure

  • Structural pruning to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches

  • Canopy reduction to manage size and shape

  • Hedge trimming

  • Restoration pruning to improve structural attributes of established trees

All our arborists are fully qualified and able to advise you on the most appropriate pruning and removal works required. All pruning conducted is done to Australian Standards 4373-2007 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’ and compliant to OH&S and local council regulations.



Pest & Disease Management

Trees are susceptible to infestations from a variety of pests and diseases that can affect the health and structure of your trees.

Tree Response can assist you with pest and disease identification and provide advice on the best management and treatment option.

Examples of some common pests found in Victoria include:

  • Elm Leaf beetle

  • Lerps/psyllid bugs

  • Caterpillars

  • Mites

  • Aphids

  • Scale

  • Gum Leaf Skeletoniser

  • Wood/Tree Borers

Examples of common fungal & bacterial infections:

  • Slime Flux (Bacterial wetwood)

  • Mildews & Blights

  • Cypress canker

  • Myrtle rust

  • Armillaria root rot (Honey Fungus)

Other Tree Services

  • Tree Planting & Transplanting – small and large scale

  • Tree Selection & Planting Recommendations

  • Cabling, Bracing & Tree Support System (Installation and Replacement) – to provide additional support to trees

  • Possum Guarding

  • Soil Drenching/Fertilizer Injection – application of Humic Acid/Beneficial Bacteria/Liquid Fertilsers, etc

tree planting.png